March 25-27, 2018
Hotel Colonnade, Coral Gables

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Patient Experience Exchange

On March 25-27, 2018, we will be hosting the Patient Experience Exchange in Miami.

This unique opportunity attracts world renown Experience Executives from all across the healthcare
verticals to come together for 2 1/2 days of true peer-to-peer networking.

Breaking away from traditional Customer Experience Executives, this niche group faces challenges that
require an empathetic approach as well as extreme attention to detail, personalization, security. Our event
program has been tailored to cover trending PX topics such as:

  • Disruptor or Disrupted? An Exploration of the Latest in Healthcare Technology Innovation for Differentiated Patient Experience
  • How to Transform Survey Results into Tactics to Move the Patient Experience Needle
  • Models and Mindsets: What can Design Thinking and Service Design methods do to improve your PX?
  • Measuring PX: Metrics Beyond HCAHPS Scores to Quantify Patient Experience

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Exclusive Reports

CCW Digital Special Report - Workforce Management

Employees are the lifeblood of the customer experience strategy. They represent the link between the business and its customers, and their actions before, during and after each interaction define the overall quality of the experience. If an organization wants to cultivate loyal customers instead of creating angry ones, it therefore needs to empower the workforce to perform.

Featuring CCW Digital research, expert analysis and perspectives from world-class executives, this report will help you foster that productive, customer-centric workforce.
Topics include:

  • 7 trends affecting workforce management
  • The top 3 priorities for contact center performance
  • The top 3 challenges inhibiting contact center performance
  • 12 ways to elevate workforce management
  • How to improve contact center training
  • How culture impacts workforce management

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CCW Digital Special Report - Frictionless Experience

Nearly every business views the "frictionless customer experience” as a top strategic priority. But what does that really entail? What exactly constitutes “effort” in the eyes of the customer? What causes this effort? And how can it truly be reduced (or eliminated)?

Key topics include:

  • Is effort really important to customers?
  • Why businesses should take “effortless” very seriously?
  • Which KPIs can help measure customer effort?
  • 10 keys to reducing customer effort
  • 9-step checklist for using self-service to reduce effort

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CCW Digital Special Report - Customer Loyalty

Loyalty, it should be noted, is not synonymous with “retention.” It is not about repeat business but about making customers enthusiastic about maintaining – and expanding – a relationship with your brand.
How do you create that loyalty? Citing research, expert analysis and guidance from accomplished CX executive, this CCW Digital Special Report provides the answers. You’ll learn the following:

  • How to transition from a satisfaction mindset to a loyalty one
  • The 2 types of customer loyalty programs
  • 3 ways to build a loyalty culture in your contact center
  • 6 tactics for increasing customer loyalty
  • 6 ways to use data to drive loyalty

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Lessonly Report - Rethink the Contact Center, Evaluate Customer Experience

Always valuable, agent training initiatives are particularly crucial right now. With self-service increasingly handling simple transactions, agents will focus more heavily on deep, nuanced, unpredictable interactions with customers. They must develop the requisite skills.
This briefing reveals how to cultivate those skills while also emphasizing business efficiency. You’ll develop agents who are more customer-centric and more productive.
Topics include:

  • Why the value of training goes behind skill development
  • Five mistakes contact centers make when training agents
  • Five ways to elevate your training strategy
  • Case studies: how Vox Mobile and Birchbox improved agent development

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CCW Digital Special Report - Employee Engagement

This special report investigates the crucial customer experience tenet that is employee engagement.
What to expect:

  • How employee engagement can attract the best contact center talent
  • 4 ways to create the “happy agents” that yield “happy customers”
  • Use employee engagement to improve contact center productivity
  • Why employee engagement is the key to understanding customers
  • How to reduce agent attrition in your customer experience team

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CCW Digital Executive Report - Customer Experience

You care about the customer experience. But is the experience you’re creating the one your customers actually want? CCW Digital’s Executive Report on the Customer Experience will answer that question. For the first time ever, we surveyed everyday consumers about what they demand when it comes to the customer experience. We then look at how businesses are approaching the customer experience.  Do they know what customers want?  And even if they do, are they able to actually deliver it?

Questions answered in this report include:

  • How many bad experiences will make a customer switch to a competitor?
  • Will customers really pay more for a good experience?
  • What are customers’ Top 5 demands when interacting with a business?
  • What factors prevent businesses from meeting those demands?
  • What are the most common customer complaints?
  • How well do businesses respond to customer feedback?
  • How do customers really feel about calling for customer service?

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CCW Digital Special Report - Future of CX Employees

The “personal connection” is now the paramount differentiator, and agents are the ones in position to actually create those connections. With self-service increasingly handling transactional matters, agents are also shifting their focus to more nuanced, unpredictable interactions.
How can we prepare agents for this future in which they have to more meaningfully connect with customers during more challenging conversations?
This report has the answers:

  • Why the rise of technology is really the rise of the employee
  • 8 requirements for a great contact center agent
  • 4 ways to prepare contact center agents for the future
  • 5 tips for increasing agent satisfaction
  • 4 reasons to reconsider outsourcing

CCW Digital Special Report - Multilingual Engagement

The answer to all such questions is a resounding “not good.” A multilingual engagement strategy will help you remedy that problem. This special report investigates that endeavor. More importantly, it reveals how to successfully launch a multilingual strategy.
Topics include:

  • Why multilingual engagement matters in today’s market
  • How does the rise of omnichannel impact multilingual strategy?
  • 5 goals of a multilingual strategy
  • A quiz to determine the best multilingual approach for your business
  • 6 solutions for multilingual engagement – and how to optimize them

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CCW Digital Special Report - Chatbot

What is all this talk about Chatbots?
Here is something to think about:

  • Midsize businesses (250-1000 employees) are saying they’re buying technology
  • 60% say they increased their CX tech budgets this year (this figure is 51% across all businesses)

Included in that figure:

  • 53% see Live Chat as a priority and are planning to initiate investment opportunities
  • and 20% plan to increase their current investments.

Additionally, they’re beginning to embrace bots. 40% plan to make bots an investment priority in the next 2 years and 13% call them an “urgent” priority right now.

In this report, we're exploring more than just the technological advancements that are once again redefining how we monitor and measure customer experience. We explore what companies are most looking forward to and what technologies they have already committed as priorities.

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CCW Digital Special Report - Customer Engagement

Engagement is the ultimate “moment of truth” when it comes to the customer experience.  It is how organizations achieve loyalty from customers and separation from competitors.

Citing exclusive research and thought leader commentary, the report investigates several dimensions of engagement strategy:

  • 5 facts about today's customers
  • Top 5 customer demands when interacting with a business
  • 3 keys to successful proactive engagement
  • New standards for agent performance
  • Adapt to the customer’s issue and personality
  • Engagement as a data source
  • CCW Digital’s 5-Step Customer Engagement Toolkit

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CCW Digital Special Report - Voice of the Customer

The importance of knowing what customers want is easy to understand. The task of actually acquiring that knowledge – given that different customers want different things at different times – is not always easy to achieve.

This report works to simplify and strengthen that endeavor. It shares numerous conventional and creative methods for not only acquiring the “voice of the customer” but using it to strengthen the overall operation. It is, in essence, a blueprint for customer centricity. 

Focuses include:

  • 4 key reasons to focus on the voice of the customer
  • 6 ways to gain customer intelligence
  • 6 strategies for using VoC data to improve the CX
  • A self-assessment tool for measuring your VoC strategy

CCW Digital Special Report - Patient Experience

Your Patient Experience Journey Starts here with this Special Report.

Leaders in some industries may not, however, appreciate the true stakes of the customer experience.  They may not understand why the process of subscribing to a magazine or buying a toaster needs to be free of any undue effort, let alone intimately personal and completely unforgettable.

That problem does not – or, at least, should not – affect organizations that deliver patient experiences. Medical issues carry inherent emotional stakes, and the experience associated with the medical journey carries undeniable significance.

While medical providers may not always have to think about competitive pressure or repeat business in the way a retail store does, they still face tremendous pressure (and incentive) to consider every individual nuance of the experiences they provide.

This special report explores some of those nuances.  It reveals the challenges and strategies that must be top-of-mind for providers, before sharing perspectives from two highly accomplished patient experience leaders.

CCW Digital Special Report - Retail CX

The customer experience is important to businesses in all industries.

It very much is the business for retail industries. Facing a plethora of similar competitors that sell similar products at similar price points, retailers are particularly reliant on the experience to establish their brand identity, attract customers and differentiate from competitors.

While dealing with those high stakes, retailers also have to consider unique marketplace transformations – including the rise of e-commerce and the demand for omnichannel engagement.

Retail thus provides the perfect backdrop for exploring the state of the customer experience. That is exactly what our Special Report on the Retail Customer Experience does!

Key topics include:

  • The one customer experience “trap” all retailers need to avoid
  • The silver bullet that can improve the customer experience – in any industry
  • 7 key retail CX objectives
  • 10 ways to create an experience that is good for customers, agents and the business
  • A customer experience assessment quiz

What did TTEC have to say about the PX Special Report?

TTEC is a leading global provider of customer experience, engagement and growth solutions. They help some of the world’s top brands acquire, serve and retain their customers through: customer care, tech support, acquisition and sales, analytics, technology, and CX consulting. They partner with business leaders in marketing, sales and customer care to design and deliver a simple, more human customer experience across every interaction channel, driving increased revenue, improved profitability and deeper customer loyalty. With more than 48,000 employees and 85 sites around the world, and interacting with 3.5 million customers every day in 23 countries, its no wonder that Ttec found it important to follow up on what Patient Experience looks like globally.

Ttec Reviewed our Key Findings on the PX Special Report and here is what they found.

  • 52% of consumers report searching online for health- or care-related information.
  • 83% of consumers prefer dealing with human beings over digital channels to solve customer services issues.
  • Year-round agents renewed 7% greater than new associates

What are you doing to make sure that your customers and patients are being taken care of properly?

Did you get a chance to review the Special Report for Patient Experience? Email and we will send you a copy. 

Event Materials

What is PX?

How do we map Patient Journey?

First - you have to establish what part of the Patient Journey you impact, what touch-points have been had before you, and what effect you have on the Patient's next touch-point. By downloading this infographic, not only will you see where you are on the Patient Journey, but also what solutions patients are seeking to improve their journeys. 

If you would like to receive this infographic via email, email

Bridging Patient & Customer Experience

What does it really mean to bridge Patient and Customer Experiences? When we talk about Customer Experience, we are mostly identifying different touch points that occur along the customer journey while interacting your product or brand. Consolidating that data in the form of analytics, CRM, CEM, customer surveys, etc. help organizations better understand what their customers are looking for and how to better serve them. 

When we talk about Patient Experience we are still identifying a journey, however, the start and end points of that journey are much different than that of a consumer. Whether your journey as a patient starts a hospital's doors or an urgent care facility, the road to recovery all seem to go in the same direction. The intimate nature of the patient - doctor/provider relationships, add a layer of empathy and caution to the interactive touch points. 

Download this report and take a look at how contact centers are becoming involved in this journey, and key themes and phrases that make up the foundation of the Patient Experience initiative taking place in healthcare today. 

Included in this report is a brief snapshot of the Speaker Faculty coming to the Patient Experience Exchange, March 25-27, 2018, in Miami, FL. If you are interested in finding out more information or seeing if you qualify to attend, email

The Current Attendee Profile

The Guest List has been posted!

The Exchanges are known for bringing together senior executive experience thought-leaders. The Patient Experience Exchange, this March 25-27, in Miami, is bringing the most influential names in the Healthcare industry. 

If you're interested in getting on the guest list email

Exclusive Interview with Pam Prissel

Pam Prissel is a Director of Patient Experience for Mayo Clinic Health System Community Practice and helps lead service strategy and transform and shape the patient experience. Pam has been instrumental in leading numerous improvement projects, most recently leading an Enterprise team in the development and implementation of the Mayo Clinic Patient Experience Consultation and Coaching model, aligning practices of Patient Experience leaders and coordinators across the Enterprise and currently leading an experience design community practice project looking at how Mayo Clinic Community Practice transitions patients from hospital to home. Pam serves as a faculty member for the Mayo Clinic Communication in HealthCare communication course offered to providers, and as a provider coach. 

Exclusive Interview With Jason Dupuis

Jason Dupuis is the Patient Experience Officer and Director of Employee Learning & Development for PM Pediatrics. This dual role provides Jason the ability to not only guide patient experience but to empower employees to deliver on that experience. Jason joined PM Pediatrics with over 15 years of experience as a healthcare administrative professional, having worked at Boston Children’s Hospital, where he most recently served as their Director of Emergency and Admitting Services. In addition, he is certified in Lean/Six Sigma and teaches Managing Organizational Change and Principles of Healthcare Management at the Hellenic College School of Leadership & Management. Jason earned a Bachelor of Science in Health Management & Policy from the University of New Hampshire and a Masters in Healthcare Administration from Simmons College.